Our Story

Winter 2017

Rapha Super Cross Nobeyama

Our story begins when the largest cyclocross race in Asia outgrew it's Japanese-only registration platform. Built by an athlete and an organizer, sport.io was born as a custom solution that enabled Rapha Super Cross Nobeyama to market globally in multiple languages and currencies.

Spring 2018

Public Cloud Platform Debut

Taking what we learned back to the drawing board, we rebuilt sport.io as a self-service platform so athletes and organizers all over the world can break free of their regional, single-language, sport-specific fitness and registration platforms.

Fall 2018

Vogt Awards Startup Accelerator

With momentum and traction building, we were accepted into a local startup accelerator in Louisville, KY. We spent 3 rigorous months working with business mentors and reaching out to any organizer who would talk to us to try and understand their problems, needs, and wants.


2019 and Beyond

Future Roadmap & Goals

Suggestions and feedback will continue to guide the development of our platform, and we'd love to hear yours. Whether you're an athlete or an organizer, whether it's us or them, reach out to us and let us know what platform(s) you're using and the problems you're facing and let's talk about how we can make the experience better.

Our Team

Jason Eisenmenger
Founder & CEO / CIO
Hiroshi Hishioka
Sales & Business Dev, Asia
Martin Süß
UI/UX Developer
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